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Uh.......is it me, or are there a shit ton more people around here? Seriously, scientists, why'd you decide to bring all these guys here?

[Luffy will be wandering around all over Discedo, pretty much. And being extremely confused and all that crap.]
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[Happy Halloween, Discedo! Are you enjoying your trick-or-treating? Your parties? Your hula dancing, Marco?

What about you COSTUMES? Ya know. The ones you didn't even pick. You just got 'em. Like 'em? Don't? Well.....tough luck. Anyway, this post from....Luffy's comm. Ho boy. You're gonna love it. You can hear low growling in the background, before the comm is pounced on and skids a few feet away. More growling before a certain figure comes into the scene. Oh, it's Luffy.


Grrrrrr..........RAAAAAAWWWWWWWWRRRRRR! [And once again! The ferocious lion attacks the comm! Is it food? Is it dangerous? Apparently, hitting it around is the only way to find out. The deadly jungle cat remains cautious, before running to pounce on it again! And bat it around like a toy. He walks up on all fours over to it, and glares at it.]


In other words, the feed ended. But Luffy thinks he won since it isn't making weird noises anymore. :\]

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[Sup, Fortuna. Here's Luffy, looking.....pretty upset? Wonder what happened. He faces the camera and speaks.] Oi, bastard scientist! This is not what I meant [holds up a picture of Jay, and autographed to boot] when I said I wanted a chance to punch your face! DUMBASS!

[He grumbles a bit more before speaking again.] Ace, I need you to come burn something for me. [So kind Luffy. So. Kind.]

Oh yeah, I need to know who here can get my damn chip out. That's all. [And a very displeased Luffy ends the feed.]

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[You know how the comm sometimes turns itself on? And you usually don't notice because you're kinda busy with something else at the moment? For.....whatever reason? Yeah, this is one of those times. Luffy would've noticed his comm was on if he hadn't been a bit preoccupied. He's staring at something, and not moving at all. At what you ask?

This guy.

And at first, Luffy's just completely shocked to see him. But then his anger overtook him, and he stormed to after him, fists ready for a punch.]


The minute I said  I"m not letting them get away means.....you need to abandon the idea that he's going to survive, shit-for-brains.

Akainu! Haven't you bit the dust yet!?!?! Did he melt the ground and come around that way!?
[Akainu is seen standing over a large fishmen, kneeling on the ground.]

Hand over Dragon's son! Jinbei!!!!!

I cannot do that. I have decided to protect this man if it costs my life. [His voice is firm, and determined. Luffy stops running, and just stares at Jinbei. Obviously, a bit dumbfounded. Jinbei..........he was that willing to protect Luffy?]

Well, then. I won't ask you again!!!! [Akainu's hand soon turned into magma, and he charged toward Jinbei. Luffy shouted out for him to stop,
but soon, the images faded, and Luffy was left there. Standing in complete and utter disbelief. Was that how it all happened? But.......what else? Blackbeard shows up, right? Dammit.......why did he have to miss it all?] ..............fuck.
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[An extremely serious faced Luffy appears on the screen. There may be a hint of anger in his expression, as well. He's definitely not trying to hide it, that's for sure.]

Oi, has anyone else seen dead bodies around? Earlier, a fri-- [He immediately stops talking, as he's distracted by something. He looks away from the camera, and a grin comes on his face. He runs over to...somewhere, and calls out. You can see a head of long, orange hair sitting nearby] Oi, Nami! When the hell did you get here? And on the ship, too! Listen, listen! There's som--

[He freezes when he gets in front of her. There's dozens of cuts and large wounds on her body, blood all over her. Luffy's face has nothing but horror on it. He takes a step toward her, and reaches his hand out.] N.......Na.....Nami?

[He turns around to see if anyone can help him. After looking around, his expression changes to slight relief. He walks over, closer to the front of the ship. Someone was laying down, looking as though they were taking a nap. He had green hair, so it was easy to make him out.] Z-Zoro! You gotta help! Nami's really hurt, a--

[He froze again. Zoro's face was almost impossible to identify, disfigured by cuts and holes. His torso was hard hard to look at it was so bloody and injured. Luff let out a gasp of shock. He backed away, but then tripped and dropped his comm. He raised himself up, turned to look at what he tripped over, and let out a small scream. A boy with dark skin and a long nose had bullet holes in his face, his nose bent completely out of joint. Luffy stood up
and trembled.] U....Usopp? Oi, Usopp, stop kidding around, this isn't funny...... [But the body didn't even budge. Luffy was shaking, and his his expression was terror. As he backed away, he kicked the comm to a different viewpoint. He looked toward it, and saw a girl with tan skin, and long black hair. Same as the others, bloody, cut up, and dead.] Robin! Robin, get up! The others........

[He clutched his head with his hands, and looked away. No, no no no no no. This couldn't be happening. This couldn't fucking be happening. He decided to look up to avoid seeing anymore horrifying scenes.

But what he saw there was worse. Four bodies were hanging from the mast. A reindeer, a skeleton with a majority of its bones crushed, a tall man with blonde hair, and a large cyborg.

All were hanging by their necks. Cuts went all down their bodies, antlers broken, machines parts out of place. Luffy couldn't take it anymore. He stood frozen before screaming.
] NO! NO NO NO NO! THIS IS WHAT THOSE TWO YEARS WERE FOR! TO STOP THIS! I WAS SUPPOSED TO PROTECT EVERYONE!!!!!!!!! [He fell to his knees, hands still holding his head, and pounded his head against the floor. He couldn't do anything to help anyone.

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[Hi Discedo. Today on the network, you have Luffy again. He has a serious look on his face, as though contemplating something. What a shock. He turns to the cameraa and speaks.]

Hey, I've got an important question.

[Wow, he looks serious. Obviously, this is something important.]

What does "seducing" mean? [..................or not.] I was talking with Japan about it, but I still don't get it. --ah, maybe I shouldn't have said that......

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[When the feed first switches on, it's at angle, coming from the ground. A rather angry teenager is shown, kicking pebbles around the empty streets. He looks around at the delapidated buildings around him, and huffs.]

What the hell's up with this stupid place?! I gotta get back to Fishman Island and kick Hordy's ass!

AND MY CREW'S NOT EVEN HERE, WHAT THE HELL'S UP WITH THAT!?!?!??! [In his anger, Luffy punches a nearby wall, leaving large cracks, and eventually crumbles. He pouts angrily before perking up.]

I know! I'll just take a look from one top of the buildings! [He bends forward, putting his arms behind him and grinning widely.]

YOSH!!!! Gomu Gomu no..........ROCKET! [He swings his arm in front of him, reaching for the top of a nearby building. But rather than having his arms shoot toward the roof, they didn't stretch at all, and instead fell flat on his face. He laid still for a few moments before jerking up, even angrier tha before.]



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