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[Luffy's comm turns on by itself. He really hadn't been using it lately, and you know how they get when you don't. Then again......he really hadn't been feeling like doing much of anything lately. He just wished for it all to go away again. The pain, the sadness, the anger, the helplessness. You could hear Luffy shift a little bit, wherever he was. Harsh, cold winds blew by, but you didn't hear the familiar rustle of a straw hat worn by our captain here. Very light sobbing could be heard, as well. Aside from the harsh winds blowing, there was hardly a sound. For once, Luffy was quiet, had nothing to say. He probably did, but he just wouldn't know how to. He only muttered one word.]

Ace.............     [You could hear the pain and sorrow in his voice, piercing him like a knife. He could barely bring any other strength to himself to say everything he needed to. After all.

It's not every day you lose your brother again.]

[As far back as Luffy could remember, Ace had always been there for him. Sabo was, too. It had always been the three of them, having adventures, exploring, just doing what they wanted to do. Being brothers, being there for each other. But that all came to a halt when Sabo died. It was like a piece of him was missing. A piece of his life. There wasn't a whole anymore. Luffy and Ace had been absolutely devastated by the loss of their brother. Especially when he deserved his freedom more than any of them. The pain was almost too much for them to bear. And then Ace promised.......he made a fucking promise and broke it. Because Luffy was too weak to save him. Even with help from the whole crew of Whitebeard, and he still couldn't do anything. Not a single. Damn. Thing. To protect the person most important to him. Luffy clutched his fists and choked a bit. It all hurt so much. The way Ace was the one to say goodbye, not letting Luffy get his own word in. He broke Luffy's heart into pieces not once, but twice. This kind of pain......wasn't something Luffy could handle twice. He went into a coma the first time, and dealing with losing Ace again, and like this......he couldn't take it. It took every bit of his strength to keep from bawling. Why did people he despised more than anything always take away what couldn't be given back? Blackbeard got Ace in Impel Down, Akainu killed him. It wasn't fucking fair. Ace never did anything to deserve to die. He didn't ask to be Gol D. Roger's son. He hated it, he never wanted it. Why did people think he took his mother's name? Because of blood, a name, a stupid connection, he had to die? It didn't fucking make sense. It made Luffy so sick, he wanted to puke. The damn Marines and their so-called "justice". Where's the justice in killing someone who was wanted, loved, needed by people? Luffy was sick to death of having those important to him taken away. Ace had a life here, a place to go. It wasn't ideal, but he was alive. He could have stayed forever, eventually found an ocean, and gone on to keep being a pirate.

But no. The scientists decided to take all that way from him. Send him back home to his death. Where not a thing was waiting for him. Only emptiness. Luffy couldn't even say he still had his nakama. They weren't here. He wasn't where they were. And he had no idea when he would get to go back, or when they could come here. He had been so excited, thinking if they came, they could all be together. Like in Alabasta. Drinking with Ace, fighting alongside him, doing what they were used to doing. But no. It all had to come crashing down on him, bring his spirit and heart down, to depression. He hated feeling like he could never protect Ace. His brother. Family.
Why was it so hard to be with him? He loved Ace. They saved each other from lonliness, from feeling like there was nothing. Luffy had Shanks, but he was away, sailing. Ace had Sabo. Luffy had no one. Ace fixed that. If Ace had done so muhc for Luffy, why couldn't he protect him? Save him? It made him feel so weak again. Ace was.......his brother. He couldn't stress that enough, it meant so much to him. And yet, he was always hit with a reminder that he couldn't protect Ace, let him live happily, be who he wanted. he never could. There always had to be someone to take Ace away, whether it was Blackbeard, Akainu, or those goddamn scientists. They should have just left him here. He was happy. He had his family. Sabo was here, Marco, and Japan, and so many others who loved Ace and wanted him to stay.]

[And yet again. Luffy couldn't do a single damn ting to let Ace keep his happiness. He couldn't say goodbye. Or tell him anything. Show him anything. He wanted to prove he had gotten stronger, to protect him. Unlike two years ago. But even now.......that couldn't happen. Luffy sniffled, as more cold winds came. He kept mumbling to himself.]

Goddamn scientists........I'll kill those bastards if I ever see them again.........hn? [Luffy made a "tch" before picking up the comm and throwing it down. It turned off with a loud crash as it hit the ground. He was sick and tired of being weak.]

[[OOC: Luffy is on the Weather Hardy if anyone's in the mood for action! And replies will be delayed about an hour ICly because.......Luffy doesn't really wanna talk now.]]

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